South Wilts Adventurer's in Time is a Role Playing club based in Salisbury, South Wiltshire.

The club has existed since the early 80's, with some original members still attending, we run 2 or 3 tables with popular games including Pathfinder, Rogue Trader, MERP, Traveller and Star Trek. For history about the club see Club History

We welcome new members with any level of role playing experience, if you have any questions and want to find out more then feel free to drop in and visit us or leave a message on our Forum


Places and Times

We meet every Sunday in Salisbury at The Scout Hut between 6pm and 10pm. There is a range of facilities including a popular microwave.



Our club welcomes new players, if you have never played a tabletop role playing game before and would like to try, we will be happy to show you new worlds from fantasy with dungeons and dragons to space opera with high tech pirates and galaxies to explore.

Just bring your imagination and prepare to play a character in a fantasy scenario created by your Game Master (GM)

For more information see What is Role Playing


Club Fees

We do have to pay for the use of the premises and this is done through club fees. Currently the fees are £2 per session or £10 per month and if there is extra at the end of the year then the funds go back to the members in ways such as a month with no fees.

For new members, there are no fees for the first month, that gives new members a chance to come and find out if the club is right for them without any cost.