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  1. I’m posting this early to beat the kickstarter deadline. If you want to back the project, which has now reached its funding target, you will need to act quickly – you have less than 52 hours! Background A week or so ago, relative to the publication date of this article, Campaign Mastery received an invitation […]
  2. It’s an important question, and one not easy to answer. Too much description can not only be boring to listen to, it can obscure important details and confuse the players. Not enough and players will not be able to differentiate between the NPC being described and any others they happen to encounter – or a […]
  3. I’m interrupting my planned schedule of posts to talk about what happened this weekend past in the Adventurer’s Club campaign, because it will be relevant to all campaigns regardless of genre. I was notified on Friday Afternoon that one of the regular players could not make it that weekend. My first thought was to whether […]
  4. Inspiration I have to be honest and say I’m not completely sure who to thank for inspiring this article. At some point in the last month or so, a tweet appeared in my Twitterfeed proclaiming that the GM sending the tweet always liked to hand out useless magic items – or possibly it was a […]
  5. Every time there’s a fifth Saturday in the month (with the occasional exception), I run my Dr Who campaign. This uses a simple home-brew game system that I’ve been tinkering with for more than a decade. As the game proceeded (a good time was had by both GM and Player), I noticed the way that […]
  6. In the first half of this two-part article I described a game-show format designed for my use in an RPG. A quick reminder: The License The game-show format and key elements thereof, as described in this blog post and its predecessor, are © 2018 Mike Bourke. Licensing is free for any RPG-related purpose. Licensing for […]
  7. This series is a concordance of Seasonal Summations for different locales around the world. That serves a number of different functions: it provides a climatic baseline from which any number of analogues, regardless of campaign genre, can be generated; it compares and contrasts different locations, enabling the reader (and the author) to start getting a […]
  8. A month or two back, I perceived the plot need in my superhero campaign to have one of the PCs appear on the celebrity edition of a game show. The complication: Licensing of formats The problem was that Game Shows are licensed for big money and the owners are very protective of their rights. While […]